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How is Prosecco Made

Is Prosecco Made Like Champagne? To understand how Prosecco is made we need to understand how bubbles get into wine. Any wine could be made to have … Continue Reading

Wine Tasting and Wine Drinking

Tasting vs drinking is a question of time. What’s the difference between wine tasting and wine drinking, indeed is there a difference? Well yes of course there … Continue Reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Chianti wines.

What is a Chianti Wine? There seems to be some confusion regarding Chianti wines, so here’s a beginners guide that will make things easier to understand. You … Continue Reading

Acidic Wine Meaning

Acidic Wine & The Tuscan Table. What does the term acidic wine mean, and who wants to drink a wine like lemon juice? Here’s a three minute … Continue Reading

What to Expect from Tuscan Wines

Tuscan Wines are For Food. Making your first purchase or going on your first Tuscan wine tour? Here’s an article on what to expect, and how best ... Continue Reading

Sassicaia Super Tuscan & More

What is a Super Tuscan? To fully understand Sassicaia & Super Tuscan wines,  we need to clarify the confusion surrounding the term. I’ll try to make it ... Continue Reading

The Best Time for a Tuscany Wine Tour

Tips on Planning your Tuscany Wine Tour Is there a best time for a Tuscany wine tour? To some extent there is, but it would be easier … Continue Reading

Book Direct For A Better Experience

The Advantages Of Booking Direct Booking directly from a providers site has it’s advantages. If you wish to look up my reviews on that famous site, please … Continue Reading

Tips for Tipping in Italy

Tipping in Italy: a guide for US tourists. Doubts about tipping in Italy are common among my guests. There’s a lot of controversy on the net, and … Continue Reading

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