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How To Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What is extra virgin olive oil? Before we learn how to buy extra virgin olive oil (EVO), it’s essential we understand exactly what it is. Those taking … Continue Reading

How To Taste Wine (Pt1)

How to Taste Wine (Pt 1) (A semi serious guide for beginners) If your devotion to Bacchus is a recent thing, and you’re thinking of taking a … Continue Reading

How To Taste Wine for Beginners (Pt2)

Get through your first wine tasting in style Here’s part two of my semi serious look on how to taste wine for beginners, (part one here). If … Continue Reading

Tips for Tipping in Italy

Tipping in Italy: a guide. Doubts about tipping in Italy are common among my guests. There’s a lot of not entirely true information on the net, and … Continue Reading

Tuscany Wine Tour Guest Gallery

2020/2019 Tuscany Wine Tour Guest gallery Click thumbnail for larger image        

Sassicaia Super Tuscan & More

What is a Super Tuscan? To fully understand Sassicaia & Super Tuscan wines,  we need to clarify the confusion surrounding the term. I’ll try to make it ... Continue Reading

Why Is Wine Made From Grapes?

What so special about grapes? Have you ever asked yourself “why is wine made from grapes?” After all there are alcoholic beverages made from all sorts of … Continue Reading

Why Does Wine Need to Breathe?

Is aerating wine necessary? Does wine need to breathe, in fact, is aerating really necessary or is it just a snob thing? Unfortunately (as with most things … Continue Reading

Tasting Gallery

Private Tuscany Wine Tour Photos                        

What is Chianti Classico

The Difference between Chianti & Chianti Classico If you love Italian wines, you may have bought a bottle of Chianti Classico at some time. Did you notice … Continue Reading

Wine Tasting and Wine Drinking

Tasting vs drinking is a question of time. What’s the difference between wine tasting and wine drinking, indeed is there a difference? Well yes of course there … Continue Reading

The Best Time for a Tuscany Wine Tour

Tips on Planning your Tuscany Wine Tour Is there a best time for a Tuscany wine tour? To some extent there is, but it would be easier … Continue Reading

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