Tuscany Wine Tasting Wine Lover’s Special

My premium Tuscany wine tasting tour 

Your private Tuscany wine tour includes:
• Tasting of Chianti & Super Tuscan wines
• Personalized visits to family wineries
• Off beaten path tour of Tuscany
• Multiple stops for your holiday photos.
• Tuscan light lunch
• Pick up from your doorstep
• Private recent model minivan
• Commentary in perfect English

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My premium Tuscany wine tour is open to anyone who enjoys a glass or two. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or a beginner, it will be my pleasure to help you discover all there is to know about Tuscan wines. The day also includes a scenic drive through the gorgeous Tuscan countryside with stops for your holiday photos. My “Wine Lover’s Special” is strictly private, and costs a little more than my basic offering. However we taste a wider selection of wines, have guided tours the cellars, and enjoy an extra hour in the Tuscan countryside. I’ll introduce you to lesser known wineries that are held in high regard by myself and local sommeliers, but above all…these are the estates my guests have most enjoyed over the years. A genuine Tuscan light lunch in a local restaurant or winery is also included.

Tasting Chianti wines with Sergio of scenic wine tours in Tuscany

Your day in Tuscany

Tuscany wine tour award certificate09.15am: Our private Tuscany wine tour departs directly from your accommodation, with a morning drive through the gorgeous Tuscan countryside. The pace is leisurely and we’ll make a number of stops for photos. I’ll explain the history and agriculture of the Chianti landscapes at each stop.

We reach the first estate late morning and on arrival we begin with a guided tour of the ancient cellars. We then take a seat sit at our private table, to enjoy the estate’s highly rated wines and genuine olive oil. This is a medium size family estate that’s obtained prestigious  international recognition. The emphasis of their production is on Chianti traditions. This means fruit forward wines with moderate barrel aging.

A Tuscan light lunch at one of my favorite restaurants is included in the fee. It will likely comprise of a Platter of Tuscan cold cuts and bruschetta with seasonal toppings, a pasta dish and a glass of house wine.

After lunch we head for our second Tuscany wine tasting at a delightfully small family estate. Here we’ll enjoy the personal atmosphere only small wineries can give. In a decidedly Tuscan setting, we’ll be touring the property where their fanatical care for premium results will be evident. The wines produced are again traditional Chiantis, (fruity with moderate barrel ageing), but we’ll also be tasting modern Super Tuscans with a more international appeal. Super Tuscans are wines based on international grapes such as Cabernet and Merlot. We’ll enjoy another tour of the cellars, and of course a sit down personalized tasting. The visit lasts about an hour and a half.

Tour duration: approx eight hours door to door and drop off at your accommodation is around 05.15pm.

2021 price list, inclusive of wine tastings, lunch & all travel fees

2 participants €245 per person
3 participants €180 per person
4 participants €175 per person
5 participants €160 per person
6 participants €150 per person
7 participants €140 per person
8 participants €130 per person

This is not a group tour, fees refer exclusively to private parties
(for example: a private party of four people is €175 per person)

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 Pick up from Siena + €60 (per tour not per person), for other locations please ask.

FAQ in brief

Why do your Tuscany wine tours have higher prices?
Low cost companies offer convenient prices up front, but they recover their profit margin by taking commission on wine sales. It’s a common practice, but of course they take you where they’re offered the most money. Consequently the wineries tend to be crowded as they’re very popular with guides. I don’t take commission, so I ask more up front to ensure my expenses and profit margin are adequately covered.  I even pay for wine tastings. This leaves me free to choose estates based on the experience they offer my guests, and the quality of their wines. You’ll enjoy individual attention in relaxed surroundings, with sit down tastings and a warm welcome.

Why only two wine tastings?
Tuscany wine tastings have a different time scale than what you may be used to. Even more so on my tours. They take one to one and a half hours, and you’ll be seated with personalized attention from staff and owners. Another aspect to consider is Chianti is one of the world’s most beautiful rural areas, and you’ll likely need some of the day for picture stops and admiring the scenery. Though they are “only” two, you’ll not miss out on excellent wines. Please trust me, I’ve chosen the best and that doesn’t mean the most expensive.

Can I Buy Wine?
Yes of course. Wineries are businesses not just romantic places of pleasure, so they’re more than happy to ship wine. However there is no implied obligation, and no one will ever attempt to push a sale on you. On this I give you my word, and your decision one way or the other will never be questioned.

Can you advise on accommodation?
I’m sorry but no. Neither do I organize tours or travel for third parties. I’m not a travel agency, but I can suggest you look up Chianti info where you’ll find lots of ideas.

What is Chianti?
Chianti is an appellation wine which can only be produced in the Tuscany region of central Italy. By law it has to contain a minimum of 80% Sangiovese grapes.

What is Chianti Classico?
The Chianti production area is fairly large and has been expanded during the years. Chianti Classico is the wine that’s made in the original and much smaller historic production zone. This smaller area also coincides with the geographical boundaries of the Chianti region from which the wine takes its name.

What is a Supertuscan?
Supertuscans are a creative approach to wine making. Apart from defining the geographic area where the grapes are grown, and the wine is made, there are few rules. There is however an underlying concept which all reputable estates adhere to, and that’s the quest for the highest quality possible. The grapes tend to be Cabernet, Merlot & Syrah.

We want to visit Tuscany.
There’s a common misconception that Tuscany is some sort of vast countryside area. But that’s not so! Just like the US has states, Italy has political and administrative areas which are called regions. Tuscany is in fact “just” one of Italy’s 20 regions and it’s 8.875 sq miles. The capital of Tuscany is Florence. Tuscany is blessed with gorgeous countryside and it’s contains more works of art than whole nations. However there’s also an industrial side, which though very important from an economic point of view is much less pretty. Don’t worry, my Tuscany wine tasting tours don’t go through the industrial areas.

Chianti Wine Tasting 04SWT 375
Tuscany tour guide Sergio with his van in a Chianti vineyard
Tuscany Winery Owner Maurizio Brogioni SWT 375
Photo Stop in Tuscany SWT 375
Couple wine tasting in Chianti
Lunch on our Tuscany wine tour
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