My Tuscany Driver Guide Partners

An introduction to my Tuscany driver guide partners

My Tuscany Driver Guide Partners
• Speak excellent English
• Have extensive knowledge of Tuscany
• Take personal responsibility for the tour
• Have five star reviews.
• Will carry out your tour exactly as published
• Drive clean recent model minivans with AC

Tuscany driver guided Myriam Buzzi at Monterinaldi winery in Chianti

Myriam Buzzi. Myriam was born in Paris to a French mother and an Italian father. She spent her childhood between France and the USA. Every summer she traveled to Tuscany to visit her relatives. After completing her education abroad, she decided she wanted to make Italy her home. And I quote Myriam “When people ask me why I have been living in Tuscany for 34 years, I simply answer that I feel at home. This land is rich in culture, art, amazing scenery and delicious food, which I feasted on since I was a child (including a glass or two of wine).

I settled in Florence, where I worked in the high fashion industry for many years as a public relations officer. My duties involved PR with foreign clientele, and I was also responsible for organizing their itineraries and entertainment in Tuscany. I’m a self taught “wine expert” in the sense I’ve never taken formal lessons, but my love of wine has been the driving force behind trying to find out as much as I can over the years. The experience gained in PR prompted the desire to open my own business as a Tuscany driver guide. I took my passion for wine, food and the natural beauty of the Tuscan landscapes one step further, and now take great pleasure in transmitting this passion to my guests.”

Tuscany driver guide Maurizio Bellini seen in Greve

Maurizio Bellini. Born and raised in Florence (some time ago) which accounts for his wide knowledge of all things Tuscan. He studied Art History and Architecture in the same city, believing that the key to the future lies in the past, and is an authorised guide for walking tours of Florence, Siena and San Gimignano. Of course he’s also a passionate wine lover, and an expert on Chianti wines. He married Rosella in 1977, and has to grown up children of 29 and 24 years of age. His career began as a fashion designer, working in the United States, Japan and Europe. After many years, and desiring to get out of the office for an outdoor life, he began working as a driver guide 20 years ago.

To quote Maurizio’s own words: “I love to share my interest in all things Tuscan: the traditions, art, local products, and of course my passion for wine. I’m always looking to establish a relationship with my guests, not simply to provide a service, but emotions and feelings. Being a Tuscany driver guide isn’t just a job: it’s an endless journey providing unique experiences and exchanges for myself and my guests.”

Tuscany wine tour photographer Sandro FabbriniSandro Fabbrini the photographer for the personal photographer tour. A native of Tuscany he lives in San Giovanni Valdarno. His interest in photography started when he was thirteen, and when he left school he turned his passion into his profession. He opened his photographic studio called “Fotosandro” in San Giovanni Valdarno in his early twenties which was a long time ago), and the shop is a landmark for all who live there. He has an excellent knowledge of Tuscany and a great ability in blending people, landscapes and architecture into one gorgeous photo, which can be viewed as a whole, or where each element could be the subject. The scenes of my wine tours form a perfect background for unforgettable photo shoots for families, friends or lovers. Your Tuscany wine tour will become a lifelong memory.

Amiable Myriam with guests

High end Tuscany wine tours with Myriam Buzzi

Myriam & myself at Monterinaldi winery

Sergio & Myriam from Scenic Wine Tours in Tuscany

Maurizio a serious professional

Tuscany wine tour guide Maurizio

Sandro at work

Tuscany photo shoot

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