December, 2020

Tuscany wine tasting lesson

How To Taste Wine

12.13.2020  |  Comments Off on How To Taste Wine

How to Taste Wine (A semi serious guide for beginners) If your devotion to Bacchus is a recent thing, and you’re thinking of taking a Tuscany wine … Continue Reading

Tipping in Italy

Tips for Tipping in Italy

12.09.2020  |  Comments Off on Tips for Tipping in Italy

Tipping in Italy: a guide for US tourists. Doubts about tipping in Italy are common among my guests. There’s a lot of controversy on the net, and … Continue Reading

A private wine tasting tour from Florence at a famous Chianti estate

Tuscany Wine Tour Guest Gallery

12.06.2020  |  Comments Off on Tuscany Wine Tour Guest Gallery

Photos From my Tuscany Wine Tours March/April 2019 August/October 2018 June/July 2018 01 June/July 2018 02 June/July 2018 03 June/July 2018 04 June 2018 01 June 2018 … Continue Reading

sassicaia super tuscan

Sassicaia Super Tuscan & More

12.02.2020  |  Comments Off on Sassicaia Super Tuscan & More What is a Super Tuscan? To fully understand Sassicaia & Super Tuscan wines,  we need to clarify the confusion surrounding the term. I’ll try to make it ... Continue Reading
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