Extra Private Premium Wines of Tuscany Tour

My Most Exclusive & Personal Tour

Your Extra Private Premium Wines Tour is:
Private wine tastings
Private cellar tours
Tasting of ultra premium wines
Private dining room and table
Home cooked Tuscan lunch with paired tasting
Private recent model minivan with AC
Scenic drive of the iconic Tuscan countryside
Multiple stops for your holiday photos
Pick up from your doorstep

Not available on Sundays

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All my tours offer great wines and relatively crowd free tastings, but on this tour, both aspects have been taken to a higher level. I’ve designed my Extra Private Premium Wines of Tuscany Tour with view to presenting the highest quality wines the Chianti region has to offer. I’ve then added the most exclusive and personalized settings for your tastings and lunch.

We’ll be visiting producers of ultra premium wines ($30 – $60 price range), all of which are of great finesse and complexity. These are my favorite estates, which are also held in the highest regard by the local sommelier’s associations.

You’ll then be relaxing in the comfort of tasting rooms that have been reserved just for yourselves, while enjoying personalized attention from winery owners and staff.

Of course, lunch has to be special too. So, you’ll be enjoying a four course home cooked feast in the 1800’s villa of Monterinaldi winery (payable separately). Your meal will be accompanied by a paired wine tasting of Chianti & Super Tuscan wines, and will be served in the intimacy of a private dining room with personalized service.

Last but not least, we’ll be taking a leisurely drive through the Tuscan countryside. The drive will include stops for photos and contemplation of the iconic Tuscan scenery, and will included a commentary on the history of the Chianti region.

A selection of premium wines from Tuscany

Your extra private premium wines tour: what to expect

We’ll be visiting two wineries where you’ll enjoy exclusive attention and the intimacy of private tastings. Both estates can boast the services of Italy’s most respected and sought after wine makers, not to mention a long tradition in know how. But the big difference between these and other estates, is their pursuit of quality through fanatical attention to the smallest details. This is something you’ll learn about on the day.

Ultra Premium Wines

This all results in ultra premium wines that are the epitome of elegance, finesse, and complexity. Despite the above characteristics, we won’t be visiting any big names. I’ll be taking you to “less famous estates” with smaller productions that you won’t find readily in stores or supermarkets. They are however, held in the highest regard by the local sommeliers associations.

As you’ll be tasting a total of approx. nine ultra premium wines ($30 – $60 price range), we’ll have extended time at each estate. This is to give you time to reset your taste buds between each glass, but above all, to enable you to enjoy the experience without being rushed.

Home Cooked Feast

Our visit to the first estate will include a four course home cooked feast, in the intimacy of a private room of the estate’s 1800’s villa. Each course will be paired with the their highly rated wines. This is a unique opportunity to get away from restaurants (however good), and discover genuine Tuscan food as prepared at home.

Scenic Tour of Chianti

Chianti is one of the world’s most beautiful rural areas. We’ll enjoy a leisurely drive of the iconic landscapes, and I’ll explain the countryside from an agricultural and historic point of view. We’ll also make a number of stops for contemplation and your holiday snapshots

A photo of the Chianti region from Sergio's Extra private wine tour of Tuscany

2024 price list: first wine tasting, guidance & all travel fees included

2 participants €280 per person
3 participants €215 per person
4 participants €195 per person
5 participants €180 per person
6 participants €170 per person
7 participants €160 per person
8 participants €150 per person

Four course lunch + €50 per person payable separately


Though my extra private tour of Tuscany may seem an exclusive day for aficionados, it’s really open to everyone. If you love good food and premium wines, even on a casual basis…you’ve qualified. However if you’d prefer something a little less costly, but you’d still like to taste excellent wines, I suggest you look up my Wine Lover’s Special.

Extra Private Wine Tour of Tuscany: The Wineries

Our exclusive tour will take us to visit two of the following wineries


Monterinladi is an ancient property, and was once the farming estate of a castle sitting on a nearby hill. Today it boasts a beautiful 1800’s villa, and underground cellars from the same period. Their highly rated wines, for which you can see the reviews here, are representative of Tuscan traditions. This means wines to accompany food, and traditional wine making methods. However, they’ve recently introduced a number of new products, with a more international appeal, and they’re rapidly gaining consent.

Your visit to Monterinaldi starts with a guided tour of the cellars. Then around mid-day you’ll be invited to take a seat in the estate’s 1800’s villa. Here you’ll be enjoying the luxury of a private room and table, and you’re in for a four course feast. It will be genuine home cooking, prepared by Margherita who isn’t a chef, “just” a great cook in a traditional and homely sense. The meal will consist of a starter course, a pasta course, a meat course, and sweet to close. Each course will be accompanied by the estate’s 90+ Chianti and Super Tuscan wines.

Clients buying wine on Sergio's Extra Private Premium Wines TourTenuta Degli Dei

Tenuta degli Dei, is an estate to which Tommaso Cavalli and his father Roberto have devoted thirty years of intensive work. The estate is located in the village of San Leolino, near Panzano in Chianti, and the vineyards have been planted in the Golden valley, which thanks to its soil and exposure to sunlight, is perfect for viticulture.

Tommaso has always had quality cultivation as his first objective. This is the only path that leads to producing premium wines and excellence. He has introduced innovative ideas and sustainable methods, and all carried out with passion and commitment.

Tenuta degli Dei produces wines of elegance that are a perfect balance between modernity and Tuscan traditions. Not “just” wine…Tommaso Cavalli produces spirits of prime quality that are recognized and distributed worldwide. All gin and vodka lovers will be amazed. ginarte-drygin.com

Tenuta Degli Dei embodies the Cavalli family’s lifelong commitment to farming, wine-making and horse-breeding, the symbols of Tuscany in the world.


Carobbio is located in the Golden Valley of Panzano in Chianti, which is considered on of the best growing areas of all Chianti. A privileged geographical position, between 350 and 450 meters that brings a remarkable thermal excursion between day and night, essential to obtain wines with intense and elegant aromas.

The vines are cultivated according to the most advanced viticultural trends, meaning high density vineyards and a minimal number of clusters per plant. Harvesting is strictly manual in order to prevent damage to the grapes before they reach the cellars, and also permit the pre selection of the best clusters for the top wines.

The excellence of Carobbio’s premium wines is the result of a rigorous project, in which each vineyard has a specific role. Each step is the subject of meticulous care, and every action is a precise choice.

FAQ in brief

Can I Buy Wine?
Yes of course. There would be little point of going on an Extra Private Premium Wines of Tuscany Tour, if you couldn’t ship wine back home. Price lists are placed on the table for your information, but there is no implied obligation, and you will not be asked if you wish to make a purchase. Only you can express that desire.

What is Chianti?
Chianti is a strictly regulated appellation wine. It can only be produced in central Tuscany within defined geographical boundaries. The grapes from which it’s made, aging periods, and even the flavor profile are regulated.

What’s the  Difference Between Chianti & Chianti Classico?
The Chianti production area has been expanded over the years, and it’s fairly large. Chianti Classico is the wine that’s made entirely in the original and much smaller historic production zone. The wines that come from the added on zones are “just” called Chianti.

What is a Super Tuscan?
Super Tuscans are a creative approach to wine making. You might like to consider them designer wines. Apart from defining the geographic area where the grapes are grown, and where the wine is made, there are few rules. There is however an underlying concept which all reputable estates adhere to, and that’s the quest for the highest quality possible. The flavor profile tends to lean towards international tastes, and the grapes tend to be Cabernet, Merlot & Syrah.

The cellars at Monterinaldi
Hand selection of grape berries Galgliole winery
Wine tasting in Chianti
Tenuta degli Dei Tommaso Cavalli
Private wine tasting room
Harvesting grapes inTuscany
Cement vats seen on a private wine tour of Tuscany
Barrels in a Tuscan winery
Vines in Tuscany
Horses in Chianti Tuscany
Gagliole-Conca-d'Oro panorama

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