Brunello Montalcino & Valdorcia Tour

Tuscany’s Most Prestigious Wines

Your Brunello Montalcino Tour includes:
• Tasting of ultra premium Brunello & Super Tuscan wines
• Visits to two estates with cellar tours
• Stop in the little town of Montalcino
• All guidance in perfect English
• Pick up directly from your accommodation
• Recent model private minivan with AC

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The Brunello wine district of Montalcino is two hour drive from Florence, consequently lovers of these wines are going to have to be patient with travel times. The total time of the tour is about nine hours.

Furthermore, Brunello wines are a little more expensive than what can be found on my other tours (€40 – €80),  and this reflects what I have to pay for tastings. For these reasons this tour has a higher price tag than my offerings to the Chianti region. However we’ll be tasting some of the world’s most prestigious wines, and lovers of excellence will have plenty to be happy with.

Capanna winery Montalcino

Brunello Montalcino Tour

We’ll be visiting two family wineries both of which have been recognized with prestigious awards. But much more important, is the fact that they are held in very high regard by the local sommelier’s associations, and have proved to be favorites with my guests over the years.

We’ll also be visiting the tiny but delightful town of Montalcino, which is the home of Brunello. A beautiful medieval town sitting on a hilltop with outstanding views. You’ll be free to wander in your own time to discover why the town is such a sought after location. Maurizio you guide, will also suggest a good but inexpensive place to eat, based on your preferences (not included in the fee).

A wine cellar in the Brunello Montalcino region of Italy

A Word on the Wineries

Our first winery is a family estate run by Edward and his wife Alessandra. Edward bought the sun kissed land on which the winery sits as a young man in 1997, and started from nothing. He then married Alessandra who was “conveniently” a qualified agronomist. So, putting together their combined knowledge and a lot of hard work, they’ve built the winery into a force to be reckoned with. Another important contribution to the estate’s success has been that Eduard was able to hire the services of one of Italy’s leading and most sought after oenologists. His knowledge and pure good taste, are a further reason for the success of their wines.

Our second winery is another delightful family estate with breathtaking views, and everything you’d expect when thinking of Tuscany. The winery was founded in 1957, and is still family run from both a farming and winemaking viewpoint. The vineyards have have a south easterly exposure, and the location is considered one of the best in the territory. The particular micro-climate, along with the favorable soil characteristics determines the production of wines with excellent structure and elegance.

As you will see on the day, their list of awards is rather long. However, what we feel is more important, is that our guests over the years have agreed that they are well deserved.

We conclude our Brunello Montalcino tour around 04:30pm and start our drive back to Florence where we arrive around 06.30pm.

2023 price list: inclusive of all travel costs and one wine tasting with cellar tour

Discounts for minors under 12


2 participants € 330 per person
3 participants € 230 per person
4 participants € 205 per person
5 participants € 190 per person
6 participants € 170 per person
7 participants € 155 per person
8 participants € 140 per person

This is not a group tour, prices refer to private parties
If you require something more economic check out my my tours to Chianti.

Caparzo Winery Tuscany the cellars
Tuscany Wine Tasting15
Brunello Montalcino cellars
Wine tasting at Capanna winery Tuscany
Brunello Montalcino Capanna winery in Tuscany
Brunello Montalcino vineyards in Tuscany
Lornano Winery in Tuscany Cellars

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