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A Private Driver for a Tuscany Tour

Privacy and flexibility for a Tuscany wine tour:hire your own vehicle or hire a driver service? There are two ways to ensure privacy and flexibility for your Tuscany vacation. The first is to hire a driver, the second is to hire your own vehicle, but hiring your own vehicle comes with some difficulties and here they are:

* Main roads are always very busy, they are narrow, and trucks are ever present.
* Country roads are really narrow and winding, the driver doesn't get to enjoy the scenery.
* Traffic in and around principle cities is always intense with aggressive driving.
* Cities like Rome & Florence again have narrow streets with inches separating one vehicle from the other.
* City centers are off limits to private traffic, you'll have to park outside anyway.

Your problem in the above situations isn't your driving ability, let's say your used to driving in New York, but as you've never been here before you're going to need time to think and figure out directions, maybe even enjoy the views. Forget it! The flow of traffic and inpatient drivers aren't going to give you this this luxury.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that many centers of Italian towns are off limits to private vehicles. Inadvertently wander into one of these areas (very easy to do as they aren't always obvious), and expect a hefty fine which the hire company will charge to your credit card. Oh! And parking in Tuscany is a nightmare for locals and tourists alike, no class distinction here, it's really democratic.

Country roads are generally quieter, but very narrow, winding and with uninformative road signs. Allow more time than what the distance suggests on a map. Touring in Tuscany takes longer than you planned because your average speeds are slow. I'm not saying hiring a car is impossible, many choose this alternative and survive nonetheless. All I’m saying is: you're going to have to allow for some level of stress and seeing less than you planned.

If on the other hand you prefer to relax, and visit Tuscany with no down time, the only alternative is to hire a local driver. If you decide for this option, I suggest you ask if they are registered as an N.C.C. service, which means they are a legally recognized. This guarantees you have a professional driver, who will pick you up directly from your accommodation and drop you off in front of the major sites, not a half hour's walk away. This is because an N.C.C. service has access to the restricted traffic areas as mentioned above.

If the company you contact talk of a meeting point instead of picking you up from your hotel, you know they are not N.C.C. Also they will drop you off some distance from the city sites as they don't have permission to access those areas.
The best driver services in Tuscany have web sites offering tours of cities and countryside, and some specialise in Tuscany excursions and wine tours. As I fit the requirements of the above suggestions (after all I'm the one writing this article) click on the link below. It will take you to see some of Tuscany’s most iconic scenery and to see San Gimignano , one of Tuscany’s most popular towns.

The frequently seen vineyards of Tuscany

Tuscany Chianti

One of the winding roads on our Tuscany tour

sergio who does tuscny wine tours also has an associate who is very good

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