Why Does Wine Need to Breathe?

05.18.2019  |  No Comments

Is aerating wine really necessary? Does wine need to breathe, is aerating really necessary or is it just a snob thing? There isn’t an answer that’s good … Continue Reading

Is Sweet Wine Bad For You?

05.01.2019  |  No Comments

The good & bad of sweet wines Preferring sweet wines isn’t “cool” in wine circles, and you may also be wondering “is sweet wine bad for you? … Continue Reading

How To Taste Wine

04.10.2019  |  No Comments

Preparing for your first wine tasting If you’re thinking of taking a Tuscany wine tour with me, you don’t really need to read this article. If you’re … Continue Reading

What is Chianti Classico

01.12.2019  |  No Comments

The Difference between Chianti & Chianti Classico If you love Italian wines, you may have bought a bottle of Chianti Classico at some time. Did you notice … Continue Reading

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