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We want to see so much on our Tuscany wine tour

Well maybe it's better to see less, please trust me.

To help me give you the best possible service for your day, please consider the following: as your driver and guide, I want your day to be the best possible experience, it's a matter of pride and personal satisfaction. In all honesty, it's also good business practice. This may be your first or only visit, but word of mouth and good reviews are of utmost importance if I want to stay in business.

The tours I've listed on this site, have been carefully planned based on years of touring experience. I've chosen routes that take into account the best scenery and photo opportunities, how long it takes to get to each scene, how much time we spend there, and even where the sun will be at any given time.

I appreciate travelers who do some reading before their trip, I try to do the same when I take my holidays and become a tourist myself.

The only "problem" is that this often leads to forming a long list of places we must see because someone  has stated that this town, shop or restaurant just can't be missed. Well it's usually true and a day in Tuscany can be crammed with infinite places to visit, but following all the recommendations will lead to an itinerary which verges on the limit of feasibility. The smaller villages though lovely and quaint, tend to be very similar, and the average time most people spend in them is about fifteen minutes. There is little to do there, and little to gain in trying to see them all, especially if you only have one or two days to spend here.

My proposed Tuscany excursions are a balanced blend of villages, countryside drives, photo opportunities and wine tasting; they are tried and tested as an introduction to Tuscany, and have been very successful with all my guests over the years. The itinerary touches the areas surrounding the village of Greve in Chianti and The Golden Valley of Panzano, and we also visit the Piazza (square) of Greve itself.

Unless you have a specific reason to visit a certain place, please trust my judgment.

If there's something you particularly desire, then be sure to ask the moment you first contact me. Italy isn't as business minded as the States, so don't assume anything will be open or available on the day you require even during business hours.  There's little I can do at the last minute. It may also cause me problems with the planned schedule as I will have appointments with wineries, oil mills, cooking classes etc.

For your information we'll be stopping at two wineries, and tasting Chianti Classico and Super Tuscan wines. 

If this doesn't sound like enough, please consider that winery visits and tastings in Tuscany take from one to one and half hours, so there just isn't time for more. I've chosen wineries that differ in size and style. One is of medium size, while the other is a tiny family winery. Though they are "just two," I assure you a representative experience of both Chianti and Super Tuscan wines. Also you will be travelling through some of the world's most beautiful countryside. I'm sure you'll want time to enjoy the scenery and take a photo or two.
The frequently seen vineyards of Tuscany

Tuscany Chianti

One of the winding roads on our Tuscany tour

people in tuscany

Sergio Ceccherini

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