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Tuscany Wine Tours and Multiple Tastings

Private Tuscany Wine Tours Take Longer

Your Private Wine Tour in Tuscany will be inclusive of:

• Pick up & drop off directly from your accommodation.
• Scenic tour of the Tuscan countryside with stops for your holiday photos.
• Tour of top winery, tasting award winning Chianti, Reserve and Super Tuscans.
• Second tour of a small family winery with tasting of Chianti, Chianti Reserve and Super Tuscans.
• Explanations on the culture & wines of Chianti in perfect English.
• Half hour visit to the Piazza (square) of Greve in Chianti.
• Recent model minivan with AC.

I often get asked to visit three, four wineries in a day, but tastings are in Italy are different to the US. Wineries will be eager to make your experience far more than a pour of wine, and Tuscan wine tastings take significantly longer lasting from an hour, to an hour and a half if we tour the cellars

Staff and even the owners will guide you through the tasting, explaining their efforts while doing all they can to make you feel welcome. On my tours you will not be standing at a bar, but comfortably seated in a relaxed and personalized situation. However there is zero pressure to buy, which is not expected or implied, and your decisions will not be questioned. Of course wineries offer wine tastings with the aim of making sales, and they will ship door to door, but only if you ask.

I'm a wine lover myself, and I've carefully selected the wineries I visit. I privilege those that offer great wines at prices that are not inflated by the fame of the estate. Also I've been doing Tuscany wine tours for twelve years, and the satisfaction of my guests is the other deciding factor in choosing which estates I visit.

I care to add that though wine reviews are generally truthful, they rarely give the whole picture as not all estates submit their wines to the press. I also privilege wines which are representative of Tuscan traditions, and not artificially constructed to resemble a California product to make the critics happy. You may or may not like Tuscan wines, but I'm confident you will know and understand them to a greater degree after the tour.

So in a nutshell we visit two wineries. I've chosen wineries that differ in size and style, and both are family run. One is of medium size, while the other is one of the smallest in the area. Though they are "just two," I assure you a representative experience of both Chianti and Super Tuscan wines.

Another factor to consider is estates are not conveniently lined up in a neat row along a main highway. Tuscan wine estates are spread over a vast area, and for the Chianti region it's 227 square miles. Many of the estates are to be found at the end of long dusty gravel roads filled with potholes. Getting from one winery to the other takes time, but you will be rewarded with some of the world's most beautiful scenery, and no doubt you will want to stop for a photo or two. This takes up  a large part of the day.

Please may I ask you to trust me, you will not miss out on excellent wines with "just two" wineries, I believe I've chosen the best there is (but not the most expensive).
wine tasting at the winery in tuscany

This was our winery tour in Tuscany

tuscany tasting

A lovely view of Tuscany Chianti

Sergio Ceccherini's van used in Tuscany for wine tours


Sergio Ceccherini

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